4 Questions to Ask When Planning A Jewish Fusion Wedding

Are you planning your Fusion Wedding?

Do you have questions about how to make your wedding personal to you and your beloved and still include some of the heritage and faith into your ceremony and other elements to include during your big day. This video talks about the First four questions when you start planning a wedding that has a Jewish person getting married who wants to add some elements of their heritage.


My name is Yehudit Steinberg your host of the Jewish Wedding Fusion Talk Show and Founder of the Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network, an Online Resource for couples and families from mixed heritage and traditions. I partner with couples, their families and wedding professionals to ensure that both Wedding traditions integrate with the entire event for your specific wedding in a way that makes you your family and guest feel comfortable and welcome. 

Planning your own wedding becomes a second job for most couples. It’s always on your mind, there are constantly things to do and the clock is always ticking. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. There are books and blogs about how to pull it all together but the truth is that many people end up winging it. 

Fusion Wedding Motto: Focus on our Similarities and Celebrate Our Differences

The Four First Questions to Ask Yourself, Your Partner and Families before you start making big venue and wedding professional decisions.

You don’t want to miss these videos….

  1. How to incorporate different traditions into your wedding?
  2. Who is going to officiate  your wedding ?
  3. Where will the ceremonies take place?
  4. How can each partners traditions be honored?

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Tune in Wedding Wednesdays for Yehudit Steinberg’s tips and tricks – plus coming this Fall 2019, we are going to have interviews with Wedding Professionals on ways in which they incorporated their skills, be it specialty drinks and food, dress, rituals traditions and family customs, dances, music and so much more…you wont want to miss these shows…

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