How To Choose An Officiant For Your Wedding Ceremony

One of the most popular questions asked is how to find the right officiant for your ceremony when you are looking for a rabbi to marry you and your fiance is of another faith. If they are not on the road to conversion, you may  find that many of the rabbis are still reluctant to marry an interfaith couple.

So how do you choose the right officiant? What if you want a rabbi to marry you, and you’ve done an extensive search, but you just can’t find the right officiant, we can help you. But did you know that you don’t need a rabbi to marry you? And many couples are choosing to have a friend or family member to marry them. We can help with that too.

Get familiar with your choices in this video. I’ll walk you through a couple of options you have and discuss them. Ask your questions below and I’m happy to help


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